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Companies have increasingly been directly affected by criminal investigations into their directors and employees through searches, seizures and negative media coverage. In cases of criminal or administrative infractions committed by senior executives, companies can be directly sanctioned and, among other things, be subject to severe fines and forfeiture of profits sometimes posing an existential risk.

Such criminal proceedings have a serious impact on both established companies and start-ups - to deal with them, you need competent and committed legal support, such as that provided by Weaver Advogados.


  • We represent companies from almost all branches of industry, prepare, advise and defend individuals to testify before any authority.

  • We defend and advise individuals and company directors (C-Level) in all stages of criminal proceedings related to companies.

  • We defend and advise companies in criminal and administrative proceedings against them or their employees.

  • We advise start-ups during their foundation to avoid the risk of criminal litigation.

  • We advise on future economic decisions in order to avoid the risk of criminal sanctions.

  • We support and advise companies and company managers in situations of economic crisis (e.g. on the brink of receivership) to avoid the risk of sanctions.

  • We conduct internal investigations of all kinds.

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