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Criminal proceedings and sanctions against individuals (doctors, pharmacists, managers and employees of companies) and companies in the health sector (pharmaceutical companies, clinics, diagnostic centers, hospital operators, laboratories) remain at a consistently high level.

Due to their technical complexity and the possibility of serious consequences, these processes require competent and specialized monitoring. Such processes are often accompanied by compensation claims, issues with health insurances, the National Health Agency, as well as the risk of losing government licenses and permits.


  • We advise and defend doctors, pharmacists, medical staff, wholesalers, hospitals, hospital operators and other companies in the healthcare sector in criminal proceedings, investigative proceedings before public prosecutors and supervisory authorities, including but not limited to cases of fraud and corruption charges.

  • We advise and defend doctors in cases involving allegations of medical negligence.

  • We advise and defend doctors and pharmacists in legal and disciplinary proceedings.

  • We represent and defend pharmaceutical companies and their employees, pharmacists and dealers in criminal and administrative offenses in connection with allegations relating to product safety and the marketing of pharmaceutical products and medical devices.

  • We advise start-ups in the health sector to avoid the risk of sanctions.

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