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We are the third generation of professionals dedicated to welcoming, serving and protecting people in the most beautiful city in the world, Rio de Janeiro. Since the 70s, the founder's family has specialized in solving problems for people coming to Rio from all corners of the world. Today, we continue meeting complex demands from both a technical and human point of view.


We simplify complex issues and treat your problems as if they were ours.


Our practice combines years of experience in the largest academic and professional legal institutions from around the globe. This unparalleled international experience comes along the personalized treatment expected from a family business.

For almost two decades, we have defended the interests of large multinational companies, executives and senior government officials. We operate in almost all major jurisdictions in the Americas and Europe, as well as before international fora including the International Criminal Court.

Among other notable cases, we worked on searches and seizures in Europe, we advocated for Meta in Brazil and throughout Latin America and the Caribbean for International Financial Institutions, primarily the Inter-American Development Bank. We defend homicide defendants in Brazil, accused of sexual violence in the USA, we negotiate ransomware cases with the Russian and Turkish mafia.


The ram in our logo symbolizes our vocation to fight tirelessly in defense of your interests. We serve fluently in English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

We prevent, remedy and solve problems.

Count on us.



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